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I'm so bored.
I planned on spending Saturday (today) with my mom, and instead, my gramma keeps stealing her away.
I know, I know, that sounds petty and childish. I just feel like I haven't had a proper chance to talk to my mom or spend time with her because my gramma keeps butting in, with her complaints of how sick she is, or how mad she is about my dad or her niece, or complaining that she is SO tired and her memory just keeps disappearing. I feel like shouting, "That's because you're OLD!"

But that wouldn't be nice.
It's hard to feel sorry for her because my granny never complains. Ever. She's a tough cookie and I completely respect her.

At least I'm getting a tan.
And I've been sticking to my workout routine. Yay me! -pats self on back-

I sound really perky, when I feel dull.
There's just nothing to DO, not until June 5th. Not until I have guranteed freedom.